Finding a Logo in 2021..

Updated: Apr 14

Having a great logo for your business should be prioritized for many reasons...

it leaves a strong first impression

separates you from the competition

it’s memorable

fosters brand loyalty & recognition

...and is the foundation of your brand identity, the theme your business will follow.

Below is my recommendation on how to obtain the best custom logo for small businesses at a reasonable price. Back in the day, small business owners could only obtain logos from local graphic designers through referrals, but that is no longer the case. If you would like to support a local designer, I encourage you to do so, yet now there are alternative, more cost-effective options available.

Now we are able to shop through a global network of graphic designers competing, in niche categories, offering the best service for the best price. Having among the top freelancing marketplaces on the internet, Fiverr is our recommendation to finding a Logo.

No matter the type of business, through Fiverr, you can get a unique, high quality logo for a reasonable price. With prices ranging from $75-$130, it allows owners to get started faster with their side business, passion or start-up. This price includes all necessary files: Vector, AI, PNG, JPG and a few others.

Individually, graphic designers may charge anywhere from $300-$1500 for a logo. Some large companies will often spend up to $10k, as they highly prioritize brand image and they understand the importance of a great logo. It is just as important for small businesses to have a killer logo, watch the video below to see just how simple it is to obtain one through Fiverr:

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